When You're In a Car Accident, Remember: ABC

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What should I do first if I'm in a car accident?

When You're In a Car Accident, Remember: ABC

Most of us don't spend our free time thinking through emergency situations, planning what to do when this happens or under those circumstances. Unfortunately, this means that when something bad does happen, we have to figure it out on the spot--and usually we're too flummoxed to do a good job of it.

An automobile accident is a prime example, and one that is common enough that it could happen to you. So what should you do? Whether it's a minor fender-bender or a serious collision, teach yourself three easy rules of thumb to get you through the immediate crisis.

Remember: ABC

A: Anyone injured? Quickly assess yourself and anyone else involved. Administer first aid if needed, and call for help.

B: Be safe. Sometimes more harm is done in the aftermath of a minor collision. Watch for other traffic that may not be aware of you. Look out for fires, exposed electrical wires, sharp metal, broken glass, etc. If there are no serious injuries (see A above), move vehicles safely out of the way of traffic.

C: Call the police. If there's going to be any insurance company involvement, you're most likely going to need a police report. So after you've addressed any injuries (A) and gotten out of the way of further danger (B), make that call (C) and get the report.

From this point, you can go about the business of sorting things out, depending on how serious the damage is.



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