Five Common Household Accidents to Avoid

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What are common household accidents?

Five Common Household Accidents to Avoid

Studies have shown that most serious accidents actually occur within the home. Here are five common household accidents and how to avoid them.

Falls: Utilize proper mats in the bathroom and tub areas to prevent slipping and falls. Keep clutter and toys away from household walkways and stairs.

Poisoning: Keep all household medications, cleaners, and anything that could be easily digested by children in a locked location.

Burns: Make sure your home has working fire detectors. Be careful when cooking and never allow a child to be unattended in the kitchen. Pay attention to water temperature when bathing children in a tub or shower.

Cuts/Lacerations: Store kitchen knives safely and train children on the safe use of sharp objects. (Example: carrying with point down, never running with scissors, etc.)

Choking: Keep items with small parts away from children (buttons, coins, etc). Observe children during mealtime to make sure they do not choke. Also, keep all plastic bags away from kids and pets to prevent accidental suffocation.



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