How a Smart Phone Can Help After an Auto Accident

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How can I use my smart phone after I have been in an auto accident?

How a Smart Phone Can Help After an Auto Accident

It used to be standard practice for drivers to be instructed to keep a pen, paper, and a disposable camera inside their vehicles in case they were in an auto accident. With the popularity of the smart phone, this has all changed. Now drivers in duress can simply take out their Droid, iPhone, or Blackberry to help them in need.

After an accident, a driver can use their phone to do a number of normal tasks. Calling the police or their insurance company is probably the most obvious. A driver can also use a note feature on their phone to take down key information, such as the make/model of the other vehicle, license plate numbers, contact information for the other driver, etc. Many drivers can also use their cell phone to take photos of the accident scene, photos of damage, or any other unique circumstances related to their claim. In fact, most insurance companies even make it easier for drivers to pass along this information by offering their own apps designed to upload photos straight to the claims adjuster.

Next time you or loved one are in an automobile accident, remember just how helpful a cell phone can be.



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